Our programs are built around a core focus of building meaningful relationships with youth, mentorship, and education. From there we listen and learn to develop new ways to support individuals in the Seattle communities we serve.

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Intentional Sports

There is nothing in the world that brings people together like sports.  It can quickly turn strangers into friends and is a great backdrop for teaching and learning life skills. When used intentionally, it creates an environment of trust between youth and adults that becomes the springboard for all other Two Feet Project programs.



As we develop strong relationships with youth and get to know their specific needs on a deeper level, we are able to create programs tailored to help them grow.  We focus on individual mentorship and connecting groups of young people to form tight-knit communities that can support each other.

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Community Service

Community service not only benefits the community, but it provides youth with a firsthand glimpse into how they can contribute to something larger than themselves. For many it’s the first time in their life they’ve discovered what they’re capable of.


Incarcerated Youth

One of the most overlooked social groups in the United States are current and former incarcerated youth. The majority come from adverse neighborhoods or broken family situations and face a stigmatization in every aspect of their social life. With your support, we bring these individuals into a supportive community, and give them a chance to succeed through mentorship and employment.


Job Placement

Acquiring a job is a vital step in a youth’s development toward self sustainability. Lack of employment often leads to desperation and a “survival mode” mentality that weakens communities. Connecting marginalized youth with businesses and good jobs in the local community is crucial step toward long-term success.

Two Feet Project is helping people all over the world by giving them a sense of community and just being reliable.
— Sung-Soo Devine, Seattle